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Horrible Customer Service, misrepresented everything from th

By dc21 on 1/6/2017 at 2:11 AM. Helped by Randall, Jeff.

The Salsperson, Randal, was obnoxious, rude, pushy, the finance man Jeff was a tad better than Randal but still lied and pushed beyond belief to make the sale. I was promised the vehicle had been gone thru by the shop, and promised the listd minor items, door handle etc, would be fixed. Both have turned out to be lies, the vehicle was not see by their mechanic, the mechanic confirmed this, we drove the vehicle a few days and had major engine issues, returned to the dealer, the dealer had to replace the bad motor, that took them 3 weeks, in the mean time, I made the payments while the Vehicle was in the shop. Get the vehicle out, drive it maybe two weeks and same issues with the motor, we take it back, they keep it again several weeks while I make payment on a vehicle I can not drive. And the door handle is still not repaired. Get it out the third time and , you, drove it a couple weeks and this time the motor blew up completely. The dealership said, tough xxxx, that will cost you 1800-2000 to repair. So they install 2 faulty motors and its my fault they blew up and I get to pay for their mistake and cheap motor. I am letting everyone in the Tulsa area know about the type of business Global Car Sales on e 11th in Tulsa is really like, RUN do not walk away from this place. I have registerd a complaint with the BBB and will be registering complaints on every social media outlet I can find. This place and the people there are predators.

I would not recommend this dealer.