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Buyer Beware

By Mark on 10/11/2016 at 2:06 AM. Helped by Shane - owner.

We purchased a vehicle for my 16 year old daughter and when we showed up to test drive the car it was already running and Shane (owner) explained that it was running because he was trying to use the heater to dry the seats after trying to scrub some stains, after purchasing we woke up the next day and vehicle wouldn't start. Found out it was because the battery was toast and needed to be replaced (cost of $120), now I know why the battery charger was out when I arrived and car was running. Before giving car to my daughter I had it checked out by a mechanic who told me the wheel bearings were bad, and both front/back brakes were worn out and needed replaced. The mechanic stated the bearings were so worn that it made the vehicle dangerous to drive. I should have known that when Shane (owner) stated that the vehicle wasn't serviced because it was "overlooked" (he had it on the lot for 6 months) that it was a lie because he was more concerned about making big margins (money) than his customer's safety as I drove that vehicle from Missouri to Ks with bad brakes & wheel bearings. I wouldn't recommend anyone purchase a vehicle from this shady operation!

I would not recommend this dealer.